The ultimate guide to purchasing a property

Here's what you should do before buying a property

Are you in the market to buy?

If you are selling a property, you can contact an estate agent who will be able to arrange to advertise it through the National Solicitors Property Centre where it will not only be advertised locally but through the weekly list distributed throughout the country and through the worldwide website of the NSPC. See more advice here.

It will also be advertised in their offices and potentially through their website at no extra cost. Always discuss with your estate agent before signing any contract.

We also offer a full commercial property advice service for both landlords and tenants.

Here’s what you should do before buying a property

The process of buying property is a lengthy and difficult one, not to mention the extra costs that are involved. However, without taking extra precautions, it could cost you massively. Read below for the things you SHOULD do before taking any further steps.

Found a property that you like and you’re ready to put an offer down?

Hold your offer back until a chartered surveyor has been to generate a report on the property. There are numerous reports available, including condition, home buyers and structural surveys. The choice is yours what you pick, but each will highlight any issues that are found within the property, including structural issues.

This is a smart move to make if you are looking to re-negotiate the asking price. Based in London? We recommend Foundation Chartered Surveyors as they have years of experience in surveying properties and are one of the best in London.  Contact them here.

Property management

Property management experts should be able to advise you on the following issues:

Please contact us for a free advice.