Commercial Property Agents

What can  Commercial Property Agents and Solicitors offer? (CPAS)

We offer a full estate agency and conveyancing service, from initially advising you on the value of your home through to the release of keys to your new home. We have many years experience in the property market and are always on hand to offer impartial advice.

We can guide you through the often confusing and complex steps involved in any property purchase. We offer a free valuation service if you have a property to sell and can discuss the best options available to you for the purchase and management of your new property. Thereafter we can advise on locations, local facilities and transport ensuring that your purchase will be successful and meet all your requirements. Behind the scenes we will ensure the conveyancing progresses as smoothly and efficiently as possible, keeping in touch at all times and discussing any problems or questions that you may have.

We are also able to provide advice in agriculture and farming matters. For over fifty years we have managed agricultural properties on behalf of clients. It is essential that the client obtains advice on quotas, IACS, all other farming subsidies, environmental and access issues which are an important consideration when discussing a proposed farm purchase, sale or lease. In specialised cases we can refer you to an agricultural expert, having built up many contacts over the years. It is also important to obtain specialist tax advice when buying or selling agriculture land and we will arrange this for you if you do not already have Independent Tax Advisers.

Furthermore, we offer family law services. Unfortunately at least one in three marriages now end in divorce and it is important that you consult a solicitor as early as possible after your separation so that you can be advised of the legal position in your situation. This can be advice on care of the children, the right to stay in your home and the financial implications. In general each party is entitled to half of the matrimonial assets acquired during the period of the marriage but this can be subject to qualifications and each individual case is different. It is therefore very important that you consult your solicitor in order that the correct advice can be given to suit your own personal circumstances. We offer your first interview free of charge .

We can also help if you are worried about managing your own or a family members affairs and are considering granting a Power of Attorney. This is a document that is granted to enable a relative, friend or professional adviser to administer your affairs, if for example you are going abroad, are infirm , elderly, or simply concerned that in the future you may not be able to manage your own affairs.

What happens if estate agents don’t comply?

As the Office of Fair Trading launches a consultation over new guidance for estate agents on misleading marketing laws, we look at what penalties companies and individuals can face if they fall foul of them.

Property: anger at sentence for rental agency fraud

The UK’s Tenancy Deposit Scheme is furious: a fraudulent lettings agency has cost the scheme more than £63,000 in stolen deposits – but the perpetrators have been given a lenient sentence.

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